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ENCON Air – ENvironmentally CONditioned AIR Systems by David Hedges | Jul 1, 2016 | PremiAir | 0 comments EVAPORATIVE COOLING SYSTEMS : Low cost, environmentally conditioned, cool fresh air circulating with positive air movement through an industrial or warehouse...

Stable Cooling for Good Horse Welfare in the UK

Improving air quality and comfort in stables Hot and uncomfortable stables prevent horses from relaxing and resting. Horses in work need to time to rest and recover. Our systems ensure that stables are kept at the correct temperature without the need for doors and... – super efficient pre cooling!

“Most industries with high heat loads, such as printing, ceramics, glass, rubber or electronics, have no cooling system installed, and this impacts on the workers’ morale, productivity, and health. In cases where businesses have traditional cooling systems installed,...