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LEV – Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

LEV Local Exhaust Ventilation is a specific application for ventilation, aimed at keeping operators safe from harmful substances. As such it will form part of a risk assessment for your manufacturing process, and must be designed to make that process as safe and practical as possible.




System Design

LEV Local Exhaust Ventilation systems will not be used, and so won’t protect operators, if they get in the way or are perceived to be difficult to use. At PremiAir we are experts not only in designing LEV systems that work on paper, but also in making them fit your production process.





System Maintenance

Many LEV Local Exhaust Ventilation systems employ specific airflows in order to remove the harmful substance, and these airflows can deteriorate over time. Regular maintenance of your LEV system, provided by PremiAir, is critical, and will ensure that your employees remain safe whatever the age of your system.






Statutory Inspections

All LEV Local Exhaust Ventilation systems must be inspected and tested at least every 14 months, to make sure that the LEV continues to serve its original purpose. PremiAir can provide these inspections, and if necessary can give you advice about any changes that might be required.




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