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Case Studies

Below is a selection of work we’ve completed recently. If you’d like to know more about these or any other application you might have, let us know.

Children’s Soft Play Centre

When it’s hot in a soft play centre or skatepark, people stay away. They would rather be on the beach than indoors! Keeping the internal temperature and humidity at comfortable levels will encourage not only the kids to play but also the adults to sit around drinking coffee!

Pharmaceutical Distribution (MHRA Compliance)

It’s often claimed that traditional air conditioning can be installed into a warehouse for the same cost as evaporative cooling, but this is true only if MHRA compliance is ignored, as one client discovered to their cost. Read on to find out why the PremiAir system for pharmaceutical warehouses is the best at any cost, and why it remains the only system on the market to come with guaranteed compliance.

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing generates a lot of heat as the inks are dried, but care must be taken to avoid air flow across the ink wells on top of the presses, for fear of changing the consistency and reliability of the ink, and the atmosphere can’t be allowed to become too dry.


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