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General Ventilation

General ventilation is used, normally, to remove heat or introduce fresh air into a space, and can make a surprising difference to the comfort levels in an area. PremiAir can ventilate most types of buildings, as well as making sure the implications are fully understood and dealt with.


Ventilation alone won’t actively cool, but it can replace hot air with cooler air from outside. It’s important to remember though that the inside temperature will never be lower than outside, so it’s most effective where the yeast is generated inside the building.

Oxygen Levels

One of the greatest benefits of ventilation is the increased oxygen levels in the space, which have a marked effect on the productivity and wellbeing of the occupants. It may be that ventilation needs to be considered carefully though, as it can have effects on other systems which will need to be taken into account.

Air Movement

Air movement is an often overlooked factor affecting comfort. There is a fine balance to be drawn between enough movement to enhance the cooling effect of ventilation, and a feeling that the room has become draughty, but PremiAir are experts in avoiding the pitfalls.

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