Improving air quality and comfort in stables

Hot and uncomfortable stables prevent horses from relaxing and resting. Horses in work need to time to rest and recover. Our systems ensure that stables are kept at the correct temperature without the need for doors and windows to be kept closed.

Many horses spend long periods stabled. Respiratory disease is very common in stabled horses and dust, pollen and moulds from bedding and feed plays a big part. The air outside is often not much better for much of the year being high in pollutants, pollens and mould.

If your horses are coughing, have excessive mucus in their air passages or are performing poorly in general, the chances are that their stable environment is affecting their health and wellbeing.

Our evaporative cooling and filtration systems keep stables beautifully cool and provide a constant supply of clean filtered air, even in the hottest weather.

Cool clean air for horses and people

Temperatures in enclosed spaces such as stables often rise way above the ambient temperature. High temperatures and poor air quality lead can lead to poor health. An Evaporative Cooling Environmental solution meets the needs of horses and the people who look after them.

Very low cost, highly environmentally responsible

Evaporative cooling and air filtration is a cost effective, environmentally responsible cooling solution for stables:

  • Costs 50% of the cost of traditional air conditioning to run
  • Costs 25% of the cost of standard air conditioning to install
  • Costs 10% of the cost of conventional air conditioning to run

Standard air conditioning makes the air very dry. Evaporative cooling and air filtration increases the air’s water content slightly for fresher, natural air. Put simply, evaporative cooling uses the heat already in the air to cool the air. The hotter it gets, the more energy there is available for our units to run on.

  • Evaporative cooling energy costs are typically 14p per hour
  • Standard air conditioning costs around 81p per hour
  • Evaporative cooling emits 1.5 tonnes of carbon per year
  • Traditional air conditioning emits 12 tonnes of carbon per year

Reduce disease and minimises infections

Evaporative cooling technology minimises the risk of dangerous waterborne infections like Legionella, common in conventional air conditioning systems. As part of the process, air passes through filters to eliminate flies, airborne moulds, pollen, dust and water soluable pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

  • We offer a range of flexible installation options
  • Our equipment is quick and easy to retro-fit or design into new builds
  • These stables cooling units have a tiny carbon footprint and take up minimal physical space
  • They are quiet and draught-free, providing a comfortable, calm and clean equine environment
  • Our units work beautifully in open sided areas as well as fully enclosed spaces

Full stable environmental cooling support

We offer a range of useful services that make buying and installing evaporative air cooling and filtration a breeze:

  • A comprehensive free site evaluation to establish your exact needs
  • Full support establishing your eligibility for Carbon Trust grants
  • Expert installation of your evaporative cooling system
  • Friendly, efficient after sale services including maintenance and training
  • Convenient mobile air cooler/filtration hire

We also offer a full range of Mobile Evaporative Coolers, please visit our online shop.