About Us

At PremiAir, we’re determined to breathe a breath of fresh air into your experience of contractors, and change your perception of how they work for the better. Read on below to learn how we do that.

PremiAir was created with a very clear mission, and we measure our success against it daily.

Premiair offer heating, cooling and ventilation systems benefitting from guaranteed prices, high quality workmanship, and minimal disruption.

We are very clear about how we’d like to work with you, so that we deliver what you need.
A selection of recent projects illustrating the type of work we do.

Company Overview

PremiAir was created with a very clear mission, broken down into the three key areas below, and we measure our success against it daily.
Energy Efficiency

Without exception, we will protect the environment and our clients’ profitability by providing the most energy efficient solution to every cooling, heating or ventilation project we find ourselves involved with, without compromising on effectiveness.

Minimising Disruption

We will always minimise the disruption we cause to our clients’ business operations, even if that means inconveniencing ourselves.


We will forever remain independent of any outside influence that could conflict with our goals, whether that be a manufacturer, technology or association.

How We Work

Discussion of our design is important to be sure it takes full account of your process. We are more than happy to develop the design through as many iterations (all fully illustrated) as it takes for everyone involved to be completely happy. After that our goal is to disrupt your operations as little as possible, while working safely and finishing as quickly as we can. And we won’t leave you unsupported once we’re done either.
1. Initial Survey

Designed to collect the information required to move to the next stage, and to make sensible and useful recommendations, the initial survey takes between 30 minutes and an hour, and allows us to understand your needs.

2. Design and Proposal

Following the survey we will prepare a design and fixed price costing.

3. Design Development

Discussion of our design is important to be sure it takes full account of your process, and we are more than happy to develop the design through as many iterations as necessary, all fully illustrated.

4. Installation

Once we are instructed to proceed, a detailed survey will be undertaken to prepare for manufacture, and the work will then be programmed to accommodate the most important factor; avoiding disruption to your business. Installation is carried out by manufacturer-trained teams who are used to working alongside busy businesses, and who are fully supported by experienced and pro-active contract managers with full documentation.

5. Commissioning

Commissioning includes a demonstration of the working system to your staff, and correct setup of the airflow.

6. Document Issue

You will be issued with a full document pack, which includes operating and maintenance instructions, fault codes, emergency contact numbers and wiring diagrams. We offer a 1 year parts and labour warranty, which can be extended, as well as service contracts.

Who we have worked with

Why work with us

There are many reasons to use PremiAir for your next heating, cooling or ventilation project. Below are just a few:
The price we quote is the price you pay
We don’t make our money on extras, so we’ll only ask you for more money after a price is agreed if the job you’ve asked us to do changes significantly.
We employ only the best installation teams
All our teams are qualified, experienced, and skilled at keeping out of your way.
We are independent from manufacturers
We can provide you with the best equipment for your needs, and can explain the strengths AND weaknesses of each option.
We are experts at minimising disruption
Lost production caused by a poorly managed installation can easily cost more than the project itself, so we work hard to make sure we disrupt your work as little as possible. We work for your convenience, not ours.
We offer a full after sales services
The systems we offer bring significant benefits to your business, so it makes sense to keep them in good working order. Through our structured partnerships we offer tailored after sales packages, designed to meet your needs.