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What is Industrial Ventilation?

INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION A ventilation system can be defined as any process that supplies or removes air, by natural or mechanical means, into or from an area. Since the air in an industrial setting may become contaminated or heated, industrial ventilation systems are...

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ITS WHAT WE DO... – Dundee, Edinburgh & Leeds

PremiAir has taken on the work previously offered by Jaydee Heating Ltd from thier offices in Dundee, Edinburgh & Leeds with full national coverage and an even wider product range than before. If you have a quotation previously issued by Jaydee Heating Ltd,...

BreezAir Range of Evaporative Coolers in the UK

          All of our products are designed to suit industrial applications, but they each have their own individual features. TBA-550 Axial Series – Air volume at 80 Pa: 10,550 m3/hr, Maximum Pressure: 160 Pa Use for: Lowest cost with... of Air for Climate Control for the following 4 sectors EduCool 4 Schools, Universities and Colleges, PharmaCool 4 Pharmaceutical Warehouses, DataCool 4 Data Centres & PressCool 4 Printers and Publishers.

Just 4 of the market sectors that PremiAir have successfully installed an Evaporative Cooling System. Heres one case study;- Educool Case Study An Educool system has recently been installed in classrooms at Boxford Primary School in Suffolk. The school’s first floor...