Whether you need a Louvre system for Commercial or Industrial use for ventilation, screening or aestheic purposes, We can design you a system to suit your needs.

Single Bank Louvre

Single bank systems are suitable for any application requiring permanent large-scale ventilation solution such as air inlet and exhaust for air conditioning systems, plant rooms, generators and pumping stations. There is a choice of profiles offering good protection against weather penetration and low resistance to airflow. Polyester powder coated aluminium or anodised finish.

Double Bank Louvre

Double Bank louvre systems comprising a double bank of blades providing permanent ventilation. Designed to give better weather protection than single-bank louvres, combined with low resistance to airflow and complete visual screening.

Triple Bank Louvre

Triple bank louvre systems are designed for applications requiring ventilation with the maximum degree of rain defence. When a high level rain defence is needed this is what we would recommend.