– Eco Services providing Cooling to Industrial Buildings

by | Mar 15, 2020 | PremiAir


Cooling large factory spaces using traditional air conditioning is often cost prohibitive, and while it’s more affordable, ventilation alone may not reduce temperatures enough. Evaporative air coolers provide a viable solution for cooling factories by combining the benefits of ventilation with energy efficient cooling, to deliver 100% fresh air and low, comfortable temperatures.

In a factory application, an evaporative air cooling system will generally cost around one third of the cost of air conditioning to install, and energy costs will be around 80% lower. But cost isn’t everything. The fact that 100% cooled, filtered fresh air is delivered to the space, instead of recycled air, and that contaminants and stale air are removed, means that the environment becomes invigorating and healthy, reducing absenteeism, improving productivity, and bringing accident rates down due to higher concentration levels.