Pharmaceutical Distribution (MHRA Compliance)

When Durbin plc purchased an air conditioning system to cool their West London distribution warehouse, they little thought it would need to be replaced less than 5 years later. The poor design of the system, even though it was big enough, meant that it was unable to achieve compliant temperatures throughout the warehouse, putting valuable stock at risk.

How did we help?

The solution was to replace the air conditioning with an evaporative cooling system from PremiAir, achieving complaint conditions AND an 85% reduction in energy use.
There really is little point installing a temperature control system if it’s not going to deliver MHRA compliant temperatures, as Durbin found. The compromises that are needed to bring the cost of air conditioning down to that of evaporative cooling make it impossible to achieve compliance, while with our system it’s guaranteed.
Energy Use
Air conditioning uses large amounts of energy, especially in large spaces or when struggling to achieve a condition that’s out of its reach. Evaporative cooling by comparison will use only 15% of the energy air conditioning does, which in a large space can equate to savings in the tens of thousands each year.
While air conditioning can be installed for the same cost as evaporative cooling, it can’t then achieve the same results. it’s either possible to have like for like costs, or like for like performance, not both. As a result, evaporative cooling really is the best solution at any cost.

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