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Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems replicate the benefits of sitting under a warm sun so can be extremely effective, but it’s not appropriate in every situation, so expert advice from PremiAir is essential.


Energy Costs

The biggest energy savings with radiant heating solutions come from it’s ability to heat just a small part of a bigger space, meaning you’re not paying to heat areas that don’t need it. If the whole building or room is to be heated, a careful assessment by PremiAir is necessary to see whether or not a radiant heating solution will deliver savings.





Comfort Levels

Radiant heating systems offer big benefits where there are occupants in small parts of a building that otherwise doesn’t need to be heated, such as packing bays in large warehouses, as it’s possible to direct the heat to just the occupied areas. A radiant heating system is also of huge benefit where heating the room air is an impossible task, or even outdoors, because the heat is delivered directly to the people, rather than to the air surrounding them. However, it is not universally suitable, so careful design is critical.






Air Conditioning System

For a similar sized room, a radiant heating system is likely to cost a little more to install than warm air heating, but because it can be limited to only specific zones, there is no need to install it where heat is unnecessary, saving on the number of units required.




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