EVAPORATIVE COOLING SYSTEMS : Low cost, environmentally conditioned, cool fresh air circulating with positive air movement through an industrial or warehouse building forcing old, stale, contaminated, warm/hot air out through either natural ventilation openings or powered roof extraction fans.

A proven environmentally friendly & safe solution to overheating problems within industrial and commercial types of building spaces – EVAPORATION OF WATER INTO THE AIR FLOW IS A NATURAL PROCESS AND REQUIRES NO REFRIGERANT, JUST A FAN!

A lot of the time in the uk outside ambient air can be used to cool buildings; only on the hottest summer days does the cooling system itself need to operate in order to cool the air before it is brought into the building. It is widely known that good control of temperature in the work place creates the benefits of improved staff morale, increased productivity, fewer accidents and a reduction in absenteeism.

Evaporative cooling provides the follow additional benefits;-

An Environmentally safe solution – evaporation is a natural process and requires no refrigerants.
Eliminates odours and stale air instead of re-circulating them.
Money saving – running costs up to 90% less than an equivalent refrigeration system.
Doors and windows can remain open with no detremental effect on the efficiency or operating cost.
Saves up to 10,000kg of carbon per year compared to an equivalent air conditioning system.
Provides a natural environment and improves air quality.

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