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Children’s Soft Play Centre



When it’s hot in a play centre, people stay away; it’s too much for the kids, and parents would rather be outside. But air conditioning is very expensive to instal and run in play centres, so many owners accept that, in summer, business will be slow. The opposite of course happens in the winter when these play centres need heating so as to provide comfortable indoor temperatures!

That was exactly the problem faced by Monkey Mates, until they called PremiAir to provide cooling for them. By installing an evaporative cooling system, we reduced temperatures dramatically, and at the same time delivered 100% fresh air to create an invigorating environment for play, and a pleasant place for parents to sit and have a cup of coffee.

And installation was completed without having to close the centre!



Low Cost Installation

Installation is much lower than traditional air conditioning and can be achieved with minimal disruption to you and your customers.






Fresh Air Supply

The benefits of fresh air ventilation are widely known and our systems provide for a much less stuffy play and working environment.








Operating Cost

Evaporative cooling by comparison will use only 15% of the energy air conditioning does, which in a large space can equate to significant savings in running costs.





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