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Smoke Ventilation Systems

Smoke ventilation, or smoke control ventilation, is primarily concerned with people’s safety in buildings such as shopping centres, retail stores, factories and nursing homes, and is all about allowing safe means of escape. Smoke control ventilation is usually designed and installed in discussion with the local Building Control Department and Fire and Rescue Service.





Safe Evacuation

The primary goal when designing smoke ventilation systems is to contain and remove large quantities of smoke from the building, keeping escape routes clear, in order to allow time for occupants to leave the building safely. Calling PremiAir in early in the design process allows us to achieve this with the minimum of fuss.





Fire Fighting

In any fire condition, it is essential that access can be gained to the seat of the fire quickly, and with the minimum risk to fire fighters. Doing so will bring the fire under control rapidly, minimising risk to life and property. It is therefore essential that these considerations form part of the design process of your smoke ventilation system.





Property Protection

While clearly not as critical as the safety of both occupants and fire fighters, the final consideration when designing a smoke control ventilation system is the protection of the building itself, other property such as stock, and the ability to return to profitable operations as soon as possible. With good smoke ventilation design, property protection does not need to be at odds with safe evacuation and fire fighting.




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