Electric Mobile / Portable Infrared Heater RedRad 3kW Rebel RRM3000/110V



The RedRad 3kw Rebel is a free standing cabinet style infrared heater. Its robust, metal jacket design absorbs knocks offering extra protection to the quartz heating lamps. A perfect local “spot” heating solution in exposed areas. Individual 1.5kw clip in quartz halogen lamps use the latest technology to create light energy which can emit heat up to 6 metres. A unique, highly efficient parabolic reflector accompanied by side reflectors collects and focuses the heat for maximum heat emission.


  • 1.5kw & 3kw heat output setting
  • Unique reflector design
  • Directional 32amp cut off switch
  • Robust steel casing
  • Fitted with 4 swivel castors (2 lockable)
  • Fine mesh, powder coated grills for safe use in public spaces
  • No fumes or odours when switched on
  • Ideal for temporary heating or drying


  • BTU – 10236
  • Frequency – 50 (Hz)
  • Plug Type – BS4343 or BS60309 2P+E plug
  • Fuse – 32 AMP
  • Cable type – 3183Y AG 3 core yellow 4mm
  • Lamp wattage – 1500w
  • Lamp quantity – 2
  • Switch Type – On / Off rocker two heat settings
  • IP 50
  • Dimensions D x 620mm / W x 590mm / H x 800mm
  • Weight – 13kg