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Free no obligation request process:

To keep you informed and manage your expectation at each stage we have a simple process we follow.

    1. Fill in the form to the right with the basic details.
    2. On completing your contact details you will get a call from one of our Consultants.
    3. They will arrange a short meeting with you to establish what environmental problems you have on site and how these may or may not effect your staff or processes within the building i.e. excessive heat, fumes etc.
    4. The site survey will include a detailed sketch of the building (any drawings and information you can provide would be extremely useful) detailed dimensions, building structure type, fabric and gaining a good understanding the production processes. This will also include the measurement of low level and high level temperatures together with air movement and velocities within the building.
    5. From the information gathered during the site visit we will then develop a competitive full turnkey solution to provide for good thermal comfort within the building.
    6. The subsequent detailed report will discuss the survey findings and make recommendations for the action required to solve the problems. Attached to this report will be a fully detailed quotation for the supply and installation of the equipment required to provide the desired conditions.
    7. If the detailed report tells us that there is nothing that can be imporved upon, we tell you! So there really is nothing to lose.

All of the above is offered without obligation.

It is your choice once you have the full facts to make a decision on whether to continue with any work.

It really is that simple! 



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