Swamp Cooler – No refrigerants – A truly green technology

Reducing carbon footprint is becoming an ever more important issue. The UK has some of the toughest carbon policies in the world. Using Evaporative Cooling or Swamp Coolers (as they are sometime known) instead of traditional air-conditioning can substantially reduce carbon output and help with your CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment).

Swamp or Evaporative coolers can provide 35kW of Cooling for 1.5kW of Electricity. This is less than half the energy taken to boil a kettle. One cooler rated at 12000m3 per hour can cool up to 250sqm or a 15m diameter circle or cover a 35kW heat load. One benefit of evaporative cooling is that it is suitable for spot cooling of work stations or cooling large industrial spaces.

Swamp coolers are mechanical ventilation that provide fresh air. Evaporative cooling is used on hot days to cool the air before it enters the building. As a result this simple technology uses 90% less energy than traditional cooling methods.

Evaporative cooling provides a high return on investment. Swamp coolers are 25% cheaper to install than air-conditioning for industrial applications. Operating costs are only 10% of equivalent refrigeration units.

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