The PremiAir Mobile is a Breezair, Industrial TBA Series Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler (Product No. 610410) and is available in all of the TBA range of coolers including the Supercool version TBS580. Our standard, most popular, Mobile Cooler is the PAM550C (4 way discharge head) and is supplied complete with wheels for ease of relocating. The drain valve is disabled and the unit will require periodically topping up with water.

If you need to cool down working areas within a large space, then evaporative cooling gives you the only effective option – spot cooling. With spot cooling, an envelope of cool, high velocity air can be directed to a specific area, irrespective of the surrounding conditions.

Some PAM550 Mobile Cooler Applications are;-

• Warehouses
• Repair/Maintenance areas
• Sports centres
• Educational Buildings
• Manufacturing plants
• Storage areas
• Laundries/dry cleaners
• Commercial kitchens
• Agricultural facilities
• Farm Buildings

This top discharge version can be fitted with a variety of discharge heads, to be specified at order stage by specifying A,B OR C;-

A) 90 deg bend with a single deep bladed double deflection grille
B) “T” section for 2 way, opposite directional control of air through double deflection grilles
C) 4 way discharge head again with controllable deep bladed double deflection grilles
D) Other arrangements are available on request, including 8 way discharge head option

If any other discharge arrangement is required please contact us specifying your requirements.

The PremiAir PAM550 stand alone Breezair, Mobile, Industrial Evaporative Cooler has been specifically developed to be sited centrally with the building requiring cooling and for the cooled air to be thrown in all directions providing more comfortable working conditions at low level within the work space.

For a current, up to date price, please call or email us for a quote.

(The product code referred to above 610410 is for a TBA550 converted to a Top Discharge with wheels and has a base price of £ 2,990.00 ex VAT and Delivery. The chosen discharge arrangement is extra, POA)