breezair-rangecoolair-bakery-seeleyOn a normal summers day heat generated in the Bakery by the ovens and product raises the temperatures to between 34 and 37 degrees C at working level. This made for unpleasant working conditions that have an adverse effect of morale, absenteeism, production and ultimately productivity.

Following the installation of an Seeley coolair evaporative cooling system supplied and installed by PremiAir these temperatures have been reduced by up to 10 degrees C which significantly improved working conditions for the 60 employees in the bakery.

After the Seeley coolair evaporative cooling system was installed the client said “The introduction of the clean, fresh, coolair has benefited both the bakery and our personnel who are enjoying a more comfortable and healthier working environment. Interestingly, the lower internal temperatures have also been responsible for a considerable improvement in the overall quality and freshness of the finished product”

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