The RHI is a Government funded financial incentive to encourage a switch to biomass heating, whether you use logs, pellets or chips.

The RHI is paid for ALL the heat that is produced over a 20 year period. The EkoDragon space heater is fitted with a heat meter so that meter readings can be submitted to Ofgem on a quarterly basis. Payments are then made quarterly for the next 20 years.

The Tier 1 RHI rate is currently 3.76p per Kwh and it is index linked. This means that if the EkoDragon is run for 15% of the year (an average usage) then £72,027 will be earned over the 20 year period (assuming RPI of 2%). After 15% usage per year the rate falls to 1p per unit.

The EkoDragon is fully compliant to the RHI requirements and we will assist all our clients in the paperwork required to qualify for the RHI.

Burn and Earn with this unique Warm Air Space Heating System
EkoDragon – make money from your waste wood

Burn your waste wood and pallets
Earn from the Government when you do it…and heat your premises for FREE!!!!!
The EkoDragon space heater provides a “plug and play” solution for your factory, industrial or warehouse space heating – by burning your waste wood or scrap pallets.

The EkoDragon qualifies for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which pays you for all the heat you produce for 20 years.