ProCool PharmaCool System – Pharmaceutical Storage Warehouse Temperature Control

by | Aug 25, 2016 | PremiAir

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The Problem

Durbin plc had suffered from continually high temperatures in their 1,200 sq m warehouse despite installing a 150 kW air conditioning system two years before.

The Solution

Procool (before rebranding to PremiAir) installed 8 off Pharmacool Evaporative Cooling units, blowing cooled air in through the walls of the warehouse because of issues with the roof. Wall mounted extract fans at the other end of the building removed the hot air that was displaced by the coolers, creating a very effective cross flow ventilation system.

Automatic controls were installed to look after the system, with a manual override facility to allow the building to be ventilated when the cooling was not required; a feature that proved very useful for removing fumes following work to re-coat the warehouse floor.

Because our system was replacing a pre-existing energy hungry air conditioning system, the project was financed through the carbon trust energy efficiency loan scheme.

The Results

Since it was installed, the system has maintained compliant conditions with ease , while at the same time using only 20% of the energy consumed by the old air conditioning system.

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