Lighting Up the LED way!

by | Apr 30, 2015 | PremiAir


We now supply superior quality industrial & commercial LED (light emitting diode) products which are direct replacements for inefficient and energy hungry halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide and sodium units. Our green & eco-friendly products consume up to 90% less energy while providing excellent light quality and have lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours. For complete peace of mind our products come with a warranty, giving you peace of mind that our products will deliver the savings expected.

We are in the early stages of a revolution in lighting that will see most light sources switching to LED.  In an era of rising energy costs and tightening budgets there really is no alternative.  In short, they save money, carbon emissions and maintenance costs while giving a quick ROI.

Halogen bulbs and fluorescent tubes – found in most businesses are horribly inefficient and energy hungry.  An incredible 95% of the power consumed by a halogen bulb is used for heat… not light! This means that up to 95% of your lighting bill is actually going towards heating the bulbs.

LED lighting reverses this – therefore the money you spend on electricity actually lights your home or business. The Benefits of switching to LED Extreme long life – up to 50,000 hours compared to a 1,500 hour halogen

Less maintenance – less time spent changing bulbs Less blow outs – which can make the lighting environment look poor Far cheaper in the long term Future proofs against future energy price rises Up to 90% energy savings High quality lighting environment No mercury, lead or other toxic substances unlike other bulbs Up to 50% reduction in carbon emissions Robust – with no fragile filaments or glass casings that can break.  No Flicker & No “warm up” period – the lights come on straight away at full power Not affected by frequent on/off switching Safe & cool to touch even after continuous use No UV light – Does not attract flies or insects Easy retrofit Dimmable Certified & Guaranteed.