Kings Furlong – A Real Evaporative Cool School…

by | Aug 24, 2016 | PremiAir


With temperatures in class reaching 26 deg C and more in the Summer, Kings Furlong School, in Basingstoke, were experiencing a 14.4% drop in their pupils productivity. High temperatures have a very real and noticeable effect on children’s concentration levels and the four classrooms on the first floor at Kings Furlong were almost unusable on summer afternoons, even with the windows open.

Air conditioning was considered, but wasn’t a viable option because of the high energy costs, high carbon footprint, and the fact that it recirculates the room air along with any viruses the children may have brought into school.

To solve the problem, Educool designed a system using two, low noise, evaporative coolers located on the roof of the classrooms, pumping cooled fresh air into the rooms whenever needed. Teachers have a simple wall controller that allows them to adjust the temperature, and the only part of the system visible in the classrooms is a series of grilles that fit flush to the ceiling.

Installed in a half term break, the system has made a huge difference, transforming the classroom conditions and improving the attentiveness of the children significantly. With an annual running cost of just £900.00, including preventative maintenance, the school’s environmental policy is supported by the fact that the carbon footprint is only 800kg per year; around one tenth of the footprint for an equivalent air conditioning system.

Having experienced the classroom systems, the school have been impressed enough to order a third cooler, which is now serving their administration and head teacher’s offices, as well as the library.

Below are quotes from staff who are benefiting from the Educool installation:-

• A refreshing room after a hot lunchtime outside
• Can quickly turn a room into a cooler and better learning environment
• Quiet – very effective
• Cools the room down a lot
• Very pleasant atmosphere
• Works quickly
• We couldn’t live without it now

“So far we feel it has been very economical with a start up/shut down fee as the only ‘major’ on- cost. Worth every penny for the relief it has brought to an unbearably hot working environment. Educool have been great to work with – quickly putting right minor installation problems.”
Janice How – Head teacher – Kings Furlong Junior School

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