Gradwood – Gradually burn waste scrap Wood in (RHI Qualifying) Warm Air Blower

by | Jul 5, 2016 | PremiAir


An outstanding opportunity to:

• Dispose of your waste wood and pallets
• Cut your fuel costs
• Receive RHI payments from the Government

“Earn while you Burn” with the this “plug and play” warm air blower system.

This modular biomass unit is ideal for anyone with surplus waste wood or pallets who wants to get FREE heat for their space – keeping staff warm and products frost free – while being paid by the Government for 20 years.

Powered by any clean waste or scrap wood, the heater has a remarkable 91.7% effciency rating and produces minimal ash residue.

The Benefits are;-

• Qualifies for the Government Renewable Heat Incentive
• Receive quarterly RHI payments for 20 years!!
• Self-contained “plug and play” system – easy installation
• Does not require a buffer vessel
• Take it with you if you move premises
• 91.7% efficient for maximum fuel economy
• Easy cleaning without removing any plate
• 5 year warranty
• Ellipsoid combustion chamber allows 70kg of wood to be loaded each time
• Modular wood store next to boiler
• Service and maintenance agreements available

Important Features;-

• Skid mounted compact system
• User friendly control panel
• Thermostat control
• Includes emergency heat exchanger to dissipate heat in the event of a loss of power
• Includes RHI compliant heat meter

Ideal for:-

• Joinery workshops
• Wood product manufacturers
• Warehouses
• Garden Centres
• Factories
• Packaging and distribution centres
• Any large space… or anyone with clean waste wood or scrap pallets

The Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The RHI was introduced to encourage the use of Biomass for heating commercial properties.
Payments are made quarterly by Ofgem based on readings taken from the heat meter installed on the unit. These generous payments are made for 20 years and are index linked, making the unit a very sound investment.

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