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PremiAir offer evaporative cooler servicing and maintenance on any make of unit. Our high quality service covers mainly Scotland and the North East of England. It is generally recommended (by the manufacturers) that evaporative cooler servicing is performed at least once a year. Depending on where the units are situated i.e. bakeries, beside corn fields, steel works etc it is then recommended that the evaporative cooler servicing is performed twice per year and in the UK at the start of the cooling season and then later ready for the winter shutdown.

As part of any service order or maintenance agreement our engineers will carry out the following evaporative cooler service:-

Clean your evaporative cooler and components thoroughly. Check the configuration of your unit’s. Examine all moving parts, including pumps, valves, solenoid valves etc. Spare Parts will be recommended by our engineers who hold stocks for lots of manufacturers. Note : The cost of any spare parts will be as those indicated in our online shop price. Recommendations to the system and likely future repairs or replacements will form part of our engineers report, particularly pad replacements.

Finally, a Legionella Risk Assessment will be issued providing the servicing of your units has been carried out and there are no outstanding issues of concern. This is valid for one year and fulfils employers’ obligations in respect of Health and Safety Commission (HSC) Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) Legionnaires Disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems L8.

End of season or Winter Service is required to avoid any problems through frost damage and we recommend that the coolers are drained down in autumn and all water services left isolated. This is also a good time to report on any spares, such as pads, that may be required for the following cooling season.

We’d be pleased to provide you with a quotation for a one off evaporative cooler service or a full maintenance contract. Contact us today to find out how our evaporative cooler service can benefit you.

Call us on 0800 644 6500 or speak directly to one of our service engineers on 07920 515480 alternatively fill in our contact form or email us now hello@premiaircomfort.com