PremiAir offer a comprehensive package to help you maintain safe and efficient use of your evaporative coolers.

Legionnaire’s Disease

All water systems should be risk assessed in order to comply with Government guidelines. Provided your Evaporative cooler is operated and maintained correctly it is classed as a low risk system. We can provide you with the simple documentation which ensures you fully comply with Health and Safety Commission guidelines.

Maintenance & Cleaning:

Your cooler will be pressure washed and de-scaled. A full inspection will be performed and pad condition assessed.


The key parameters which control its operation. We shall validate all parameters and re- commission the cooler to exactly suit your water quality to minimise scale formation. This will result in longer pad life, a cleaner, more hygienic and efficient cooler.


The final stage of cleaning is a 30 minute sanitisation routine.

Service Report:

A detailed service report will be issued. This record will satisfy the requirements of HSC Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) Legionnaires’ Disease: The control of legionella bacteria in water systems L8

Low Cost Pad Replacement:

Should your cooler require replacement cooling pads we offer genuine manufacturers evaporative media at very competative prices.

Spare Parts:

We can assist you in the supply of spare parts see our online shop.