Environmentally friendly, low carbon, low energy and low installation cost cooling with no nasty refrigerants!  
Evaporative cooling systems work by making use of the atmosphere’s free latent energy. Mains water is connected to an evaporative cooler, fills a reservoir, is pumped around the unit and then dispersed over special pads in a continuous flow, saturating them. Once the pads are saturated, fresh air is drawn in across them and as the water in the pads evaporates, it draws latent heat from the air and cools the air flow. This cool air is then distributed around a building. The overall cooling effect is greater the higher the outdoor temperature. The evaporative cooling can lower air-flow temperatures by up to 10 degrees Celsius. On the whole such evaporative cooling systems in the UK maintain the air-flow temperature below 21 degrees Celsius, effectively turning a hot summer’s day into a fresh spring one. Evaporative cooling is extremely energy-efficient. It uses up to 85% less energy than an equivalent air-conditioning system and is normally 25% of the cost of air conditioning to install. During cooler weather, the evaporative cooler may be used as a ventilation system and revert to a cooling system during hot weather.