PremiAir Comfort Ltd are now offering free site surveys for Enershield Air Barriers in the North East of England.

Sealing off any open doorway with Air Barrier technology is just the first step to efficient thinking. With the cost of energy continuing to rise, heating and cooling bills for your building are a major expense. For businesses that keep their doors open to offer an open and inviting business for passing foot traffic (potential customers), these costs are even greater.

Energy saving air barriers provide an opportunity for cost savings while enhancing the operational aspects of your business.
Properly selecting an air barrier or barrier system that can create an efficient and effective seal is as important as the decision to install the technology.

We are a North East UK based company that provides full site survey, design, supply and installation of the Enershield Air Barriers to perform in the toughest climates, hot or cold. Whether you are in need of warehouse, retail, or commercial doors, PremiAir & Enershield are a partnership you can count on.