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Prevent flying insect ingress through open doors

Did you know?

There are over 7,000 species of flies in the UK, and although we may not notice the smallest ones, many of them remain active throughout the year. However, the heat during the summer seems to bring out the worst in the insect population. Flies usually reproduce only in the warmer months, and it only takes them 14 days to complete the life cycle through larva and pupa to adult. They feed by vomiting saliva on to the food surface, and sucking up the resulting liquid. In the course of doing so, the fly contaminates the food with bacteria from its gut and its feet. Thus, it may transmit food poisoning, dysentery, typhoid or cholera. Flies may also carry the eggs of parasitic worms.

Reduce the risk of insect ingress through open doors by Installing an Enershield Air Barrier

Typically, flying insect infestation is treated by fogging or electronic fly killer (EFK). At Enershield, we believe that these merely treat the symptoms; our air barriers are designed to prevent the problem at source. By using recirculated facility air, the Enershield forms a “virtual” door to create up to a 90% seal across an opening. The high velocity airstream prevents the ingress of flying insects, dust, fumes and other airborne contaminants. In addition, the air barrier is used to control internal temperatures and reduce energy consumption within thermostatically controlled environments.

Prevent flying insect ingress
Saves Energy
Creates Environmental separation
Easy Installation
Low running costs
Enhanced Comfort
Returns on Investment
UK Manufactured
Industrial design

Enershield Air Barriers are designed to deliver the correct volume of air at the correct speed to achieve a seal across the entire opening: top to bottom. Enershield Air Barriers can be customized to fit any size of doorway. For your free site survey call 0800 644 6500 NOW!