We would like to introduce and invite discussion on this true Hybrid Ventilator – ekoPower range of roof extractors. These powered roof ventilators are the world’s first true hybrid ventilators that will work in all conditions, even when there is no wind, to ensure extraction. They combine natural ventilation with a computer controlled, very high efficiency electric motor in a single unit to ensure peak performance when you need it.

EKOPOWER offers customers the following benefits: Constant discharge when on power. Runs like a Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator when not on power. Low energy costs – saves about 70% when compared with conventional motorised roof extractors. High efficiency ventilation at all times. Significantly lower noise and vibration levels than axial fan roof ventilators. Advanced EC motor technology. Light weight. Simple installation. Guaranteed no-water leakage. Single – phase power and low voltage for easy electrical installation.