EduCool – Evaporative Cooling for Schools successfully does it again !

by | Aug 24, 2016 | PremiAir


We have just completed another evaporative cooler installation at a school in the Manchester area and as the picture shows this one needed a security cage around it!

Educool is a cost effective, environmentally sound, “natural cooling” alternative to conventional air conditioning. Already proven to work well in schools and colleges around the country, Educool offers benefits over more traditional cooling methods:

Supplies 100% fresh air, which maximises oxygen levels in the classroom to invigorate pupils.
Avoids the recirculation of bacteria, viruses and odours within the classroom, cutting back sick days.
Uses only around 15% of the energy consumed by air conditioning, reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.
Provides 10 to 12 degrees more cooling than passive or mechanical ventilation systems.
Is equally effective in large rooms, rooms with open doors, and rooms with high traffic levels or changing usage patterns.
Educool contributes to significant improvements in the health and attentiveness of pupils, by avoiding the stuffiness associated with sealed rooms.
Critically, while it cools it also provides the quantities of fresh air required by the “BB101” regulation for the Ventilation of School Buildings, which cannot easily be achieved by other methods.

We have holiday and weekend installation slots available, and would be delighted to offer a free survey if you have areas that may benefit from an improved environment.

Please contact us at any time, either by phone, email or post, if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your school.