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Improving animal welfare with good air quality and comfort in buildings

Hot and uncomfortable buildings prevent animals from relaxing and resting and can cause excessive stress. Animals in work need to time to rest and recover. At PetCool we ensure that buildings are kept at the correct temperature without the need for doors and windows to be kept closed.

Many animals spend long periods inside, Horses and Greyhounds being prime examples. Respiratory disease is very common with dust, pollen and moulds from bedding and feed playing a major part. The air outside is often not much better for much of the year being high in pollutants, pollens and mould. If your animals are coughing, have excessive mucus in their air passages or are performing poorly in general, the chances are that their environment is affecting their health and wellbeing.

Our evaporative cooling and filtration systems keep buildings cool and provide a constant supply of clean filtered air, even in the hottest weather. Temperatures in enclosed spaces such as stables and kennels often rise way above the ambient temperature. High temperatures and poor air quality lead to reduced comfort in people as well as animals.

Very low cost, highly environmentally friendly

Evaporative cooling and air filtration is a cost effective, environmentally responsible cooling solution for any animal house:

Costs 25% of the cost of standard air conditioning to instal
Costs 20% of the cost of conventional air conditioning to run

Standard air conditioning makes the air very dry. Evaporative cooling and air filtration increases the air’s water content slightly for fresher, natural air. Put simply, evaporative cooling uses the heat already in the air to cool the air. The hotter it gets, the more energy there is available for our units to run on.

We offer a range of useful services that make buying and installing evaporative air cooling and filtration systems a breeze:

A comprehensive free site evaluation to establish your exact needs
Expert installation of your evaporative cooling system

To find out more about the advantages of evaporative air cooling call 0800 644 6500