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by | Sep 10, 2017 | PremiAir

How Does Warm Air Heating Work?

Warm Air Heating works by pulling cold air from the building and pushing the air across the heat exchanger. The cold air is heated via the fan and re-distributed back into the environment until an ambient temperature is achieved. There is a wide variety of fuels to choose from such as Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and biofuels.They are available in a range of systems including suspended and floor standing. This makes them an extremely versatile choice for industrial and commercial premises. The Combat Compact range are ideal for buildings that require less heating. This applies particularly when space is at a minimum, allowing the user to utilise the small amount of space available.

Comparatively, for energy efficiency, you may want to consider the Combat ECO Condensing Unit Heaters. These heaters are the smallest condensing heaters on the market at present.

Also Available from Combat is a variety of energy efficient accessories such as the NRG controller.  The NRG Controller which is self-optimising, meaning that your premises will be warm when required. Another thing to consider are the energy saving de-stratification fans. These fans prevent heat loss through the roof, by redirecting the warm air back down to working level where required.


How Do Radiant Heaters Work?

We have all seen a heat haze rising from the ground on a summer’s day. An easy way to experience that the sun heats you first before the air is to move from the shade into the sunshine on a cold winter’s day. You immediately feel several degrees warmer, though the air temperature is still very low.
Infrared heating, unlike Warm Air Heating, doesn’t have to heat the air. The radiant energy first heats the people and all the objects around the people including the floor. This surrounds the occupants in a warm blanket of heat. The heated floor and objects then act as secondary heaters raising the air temperature just like the summer heat haze. Better still when the doors have been opened and the warm air lost, Radiant Heating wins again! The Warm Air Heaters must start from the beginning to heat the cold air and the building from the top down which can take a long time. With the Radiant Heaters however, the floor and objects around you have maintained their blanket of warmth and the building quickly returns to operating temperature. Even while the doors are open you will feel the benefit of Infrared Radiant Heating, again like the sun on a cold winter’s day.
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