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by | May 15, 2017 | PremiAir


Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, also known as “SHEVS” are natural or powered systems to remove smoke from a building allowing low level escape routes to be kept clear of smoke and reducing damage to the building.

If you already have a natural roof ventilation system installed not only can it be used for day to day ventilation to naturally ventilate hot manufacturing production areas it can also be utilised as part of the required extraction when designing and installing evaporative air cooling systems.

There are many examples of UK companies that have put their trust in Evaporative cooling. Ones we have installed coolers in are Riverside Bakery and Headland Foods. In Europe name brands benefitting from the system are Pepsico (Breezair units have been installed in six different countries), Heineken, Granarolo,St Michel, Sumol and Compal (Portuguese producer of soft drinks like 7UP).

Often commercial or industrial buildings have small spaces that are hot and uncomfortable to work in. These hot spots can be caused by heat from machines, manufacturing processes or trapped hot air behind large glass windows. Frequently these spaces are not just hotter than the surrounding interior areas of the building, but hotter than the external conditions too. A better, more intelligent solution, is to use Evaporative Cooling to blast the hot spot with a flow of cool, clean, high velocity, fresh air, designed to impact on your staff whenever they are in that hot location, better known as “Spot Cooling”.