PremiAir is totally independent from any one equipment manufacturer, however, within the last 7 years the availability of the Breezair range of TBA and ICON coolers in the UK through the sole distributor has made Breezair a less than attractive proposition for our clients regardless of the Breezair coolers technical suitability or otherwise for particular projects.

As a direct result of the exclusive distributorship within the UK coming to an end we feel that this is extremely exciting news for us as we now have access to all of the Breezair range of products at competitive prices, together with a standard of technical support from Breezair that has been unavailable up until now in the UK. Over the next few days we will be reviewing all of the quotations we have issued in the last few months, to determine whether or not this announcement brings any benefit in each case.

Where we have already offered Breezair it is likely that this review will result in a significant cost reduction. If found appropriate, we will be contacting all of our clients in due course to advise them of the results of our review. Also, if you have an outstanding quotation, need any product support if you already have Breezair installed or have a requirement for Breezair coolers please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 267 9100