Evaporative air conditioning will slightly increase the humidity inside the building remembering though that the temperature has also dropped. It is this combination of temperature and humidity that creates human comfort, and evaporative air conditioning is used widely around the world because it can create comfortable conditions. For example, 80% humidity and 30°C (86°F) is very uncomfortable, but 80% humidity and 16°C (61°F) is quite comfortable. Furthermore, comfort is also improved by increasing air velocity in hot conditions and evaporative air conditioning creates sufficient air movement to also minimise the effects of humidity. As you can see from the below graph, temperature and humidity are inversely proportional: during the portion of the day when temperatures are higher, relative humidity is lower. This is why evaporative air conditioning is effective, work better when temperature is high and lower relative humidity leaves space for evaporation to occur. Give us a COOL now to design the right system for you – 0800 644 6500 or visit www.premiaircomfort.com