The MagIQtouch screen controller has been developed for Breezair Supercool Range which provide an incredible 15% (EXS220) and 24% (TBS580) more cooling capacity than the standard range TBA Series.

Some of the Controller Features include;-

Intuitive User Navigation – Simple and advanced display options.

Installation Wizard – Step by step through the commissioning process for optimum operation.

Manual Mode – Manually control temperature and/or fan speed settings.

Program Mode – Programmable 7 day week/4 timed on/off sessions per day and temporary over-ride function.

Date and Time Displays – Appear on all operation screens.

Secure Access Lock – Selectable pin code access.

Adjustable working temperature range – Customise temperature range displayed on the slider.

Status Information – When on, a temporary display window becomes accessible on Manual/Program screens to aid troubleshooting.

Inbuilt Diagnostics – If a fault id detected, a message dialogue box will appear with fault info and options to resolve the issue.

Service Menu – Info/functions to assist personnel. Access locked with a pin code.

Settings – Change the controller and system settings to suit your requirements.

Screen Brightness – Adjust brightness of the display when in standby mode.

Program Override – Skip forward/back if you need earlier/later operation on occasions.