Enershield UK Air Barriers for Industrial & Commercial Doors

Enershield Air Barriers create an effective seal on the doorway by re-circulating the facility air in a laminar (smooth) flow across an open doorway. The kinetic energy in the moving air generates a barrier, like a waterfall, that prevents leakage of air between two areas with different pressure and climate. The more laminar this air flow, the harder it is for outside air to penetrate the barrier also preventing flying insect ingress through open doors.

The Enershield air barrier forms a “virtual” door to create up to a 90% seal across an opening. The high velocity airstream prevents the ingress of flying insects, dust, fumes and other airborne contaminants. In addition, the air barrier is used to control internal temperatures and reduce energy consumption within thermostatically controlled environments.

Prevent flying insect ingress
Saves Energy
Creates Environmental separation
Easy Installation
Low running costs
Enhanced Comfort
Returns on Investment
UK Manufactured
Industrial design

Enershield Air Barriers are designed to deliver the correct volume of air at the correct speed to achieve a seal across the entire opening: top to bottom. Enershield Air Barriers can be customized to fit any size of doorway.

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