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Evaporative cooling is up to 80% cheaper

to install than air conditioning, uses only about 15% of the energy, and delivers a more comfortable environment.
Is your business missing out on saving money?

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Let us help you solve the cooling needs of your business, improve the welfare of your staff and improve productivity

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Having the right conditions improves work efficiency and in turn, helps productivity which turns into pounds on the bottom line.
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To achieve this the first part of the process is to carry out a site survey. We do this for free! Without this, there is little point in trying to guess what the overall impact will be on your business and the important consideration initially of how much will it cost?

Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems for Commercial Applications

In large industrial or commercial units, it can be difficult to maintain the right working conditions throughout due to climatic issues. Keeping the temperature at the right level for staff is difficult. Older systems degrade and become inefficient, which causes its own problems.

The right conditions

Having the right conditions improves work efficiency and in turn, helps productivity which turns into pounds on the bottom line.

We have been dealing with Commercial Applications for many years and are able to ensure your company gets the right solution for you.

Free Site Survey

Once this is carried out we can provide you with a no obligation view of the cost and savings over your current system. We can show you the statistics of how the introduction of a cooling system can help your business. You can then look at your productivity levels and decide is it a good investment for you.

Supporting you all the way

After installation, we are here with our teams to continue the support making sure your system is kept in top working order. Service & support is so important to us which is why we have so many recommendations from clients.

Plan the impact of evaporative cooling on your business today.

Our extensive knowledge of business best practices, ensure that your installation remains as productive as possible with the right conditions for your workforce.

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