Cooling made simple for Kitchens & Make Up Air Systems using BreezAir UK

by | Jul 7, 2016 | PremiAir

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Summer temperatures in commercial Kitchens can easily be between 35 to 45°C in the UK and can be significantly reduced to around 23°C using evaporative cooling air from Breezair.

Virtually all commercial kitchens already have a forced ventilation system or canopy extraction installed to remove excessive heat and fumes from the cooking area. The Breezair evaporative cooling air supply system complements the existing extraction system and also assists in ensuring adequate cool, clean, fresh make up air is provided. This in turn means that all windows and doors can be closed to prevent the ingress of airbourne contaminants and insects.

A lot of use an extraction only system with open doors and windows to reduce the temperature. Based on our extensive experience air conditioning as a solution is usually rejected as inappropriate and prohibitively expensive and ventilation alone is virtually ineffective at reducing temperatures in the kitchen.

The Breezair evaporative-cooling systems we have used to reduce temperatures and provide make up air is installed outside the kitchen, and ducted through the wall or roof. The system constantly draws in air from outside using a multi-speed fan. This air passes over water-saturated pads to cool it by evaporation before it is circulated throughout the kitchen. Hot air is removed using the existing canopy extraction system.

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