Commercial Ventilation and Cooling Systems

We are specilisits in commercial ventilating systems that can efficently reduce the tempreture in any area

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Commercial Ventilation

Appropriate cooling improves productivity, protects products, and prevents accidents, but it’s important to get it right. PremiAir can advise on all types of cooling system including evaporative cooling systems saving you money, energy, and disruption.


  • Reduce temperatures

    When there is lots of people in a confined enviroment it becomes hotter. With premiairs commercial ventilation system any room will instantly be more comfortable for workersto work in and increase productivity.

  • Health benefits

    With pollution levels being the highest they’ve ever been and continuing to rise coupled with ba ventilation can cause numerous health problems such as headaches, asthma and rashes. Premiairs commercial ventilation can reduce all of these effects by keeping your work area well ventilated.

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Energy Costs

Ventilation systems use very little energy and correctly used, a warm air heating system can easily be the most efficient system type available. They can be further improved with the proper use of intelligent controls and destratification fans. Ventilation systems can be combined with heating or air conditioning, but because that will add to the work the main system has to do, extreme care is needed. We are here to advise to ensure you get the ventilation system that is right for you.

Comfort Levels

How comfortable occupants will be using a warm air heating system will depend on it’s correct design and the nature of the building. If temperature is not the prime concern, or if the majority of your heat is generated inside the building, ventilation systems can significantly improve comfort levels by increasing oxygen levels, removing locally generated heat, and creating air movement. By calling PremiAir, you’ll be sure to receive expert advice.          

Installation Costs

In most industrial applications, a warm air heating system will be the lowest cost option, but of course it’s important to know that you’ll also get the results you need. At PremiAir, we can give you a full assessment so that you can compare value for money, not just price. Provided that the space to be ventilated is close to the outside of the building, a ventilation system can be very low cost to install and may provide the lowest budget solution to an overheating problem.    

About PremiAir

Here at PremiAir we have years of experience dealing with industrial & commercial heating systems. We’re determined to breath a breath of fresh air into your experience of contractors, and change your perception of how they work for the better. Read on below to learn how we do that.

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Premiair offer heating, cooling and ventilation systems benefitting from guaranteed prices, high quality workmanship, and minimal disruption. If you would like a free consultation please complete the form or give us a call to discuss your requirements we will be happy to help.



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